Shasta Taiko

Shasta Taiko is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes. The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are to introduce, teach, develop, promote, and preserve the art of taiko and related music and arts, thereby culturally enriching the community and artistically evolving the art. These purposes will be achieved through a community taiko program which includes ongoing classes; maintaining a performing group to give educational demonstrations and public performances; special workshops; guest artists; and an annual taiko festival.

ShastaYama is Shasta Taiko's annual summer outdoor taiko and music festival in Mount Shasta's Shastice Park at the base of majestic Mount Shasta. ShastaYama's vision and goals are to present taiko in an advantageous setting and encourage original works to further development of the art of taiko and music. ShastaYama will not be presented in 2013 but plans are being made to bring it back in 2014. This year Shasta Taiko is presenting a concert at the College of the Siskiyous on July 20.

“We believe that one of mankind’s higher level of development is through music, art, and culture; and that cultural exchange and sharing will help to cut through ignorance, misunderstanding, and fear, helping to attain a higher consiousness for all.

The practice of art and music as a discipline liberates oneself by developing new skills, discovering different points of view, growing in self-expression, gaining confidence, and creating something to share with others while hopefully developing awareness, insight, understanding, and compassion”

Russel Baba and Jeanne Mercer - founders of Shasta Taiko & ShastaYama

Music connect cultures

by Joe Szydiowski
Redding Searchlight, Sept. 8, 2013

With the thunderous melody of musical booms heard and felt by the ears set against the soft, slow, somber tones of a flute, the second TEDx Redding opened Saturday afternoon at the Cascade Theatre.

The event featured performances, presentations and clips from a range of people, including Shasta Taiko's Japanese-style drums that reverberated through one's feet, legs and chest.

"They started with music that had me in tears," said Kate Grissom, 34. Her friend Melissa Mendonca, 42, said, "It opened my heart."

Grissom and Mendonca came from Red Bluff with friends to see TEDx, which is a local adaptation of the TED talks the invite experts to speak on anything related to technology, education and design.

For Redding, TEDx this focused on mapping connections, said organizer Rachel Hatch. The Shasta Taiko demonstrated the connection between music and culture.

Shasta Taiko

Shasta Taiko was founded in 1985 by Russel Hisashi Baba and Jeanne Aiko Mercer, both recognized artists in traditional and contemporary taiko, new music, and jazz. more ...

Russel Baba

Russel is a gifted musician and creative artist who has focused on refining an intuitive natural style. more ...

Jeanne Mercer

Jeanne is an honored and highly respected American taiko artist and pioneer. more ...